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Designed by Contractors for Contractors

Contractors discussing the job.

We designed Never Idle with contractors in mind, interviewing them personally to learn what they consider top concerns about their equipment.

They had plenty to say about the challenges of running a construction contracting business:

  • “I’m a business owner with a hectic schedule trying to run my business and make a profit. When it comes to my equipment, it has to support my primary focus: identifying, bidding and completing jobs.”
  • “I need to get a better return on my fleet. I need to lower my operating costs.”
  • “I hate owning equipment that can only be used occasionally on a job.”
  • “I rent equipment to my friends using a handshake, but I’m worried what might happen if someone gets hurt or the equipment gets damaged.”
  • “Contractors should be helping each other in a contractor community. We’re stronger as a team. Contractors shouldn’t have to own every piece of equipment they might ever need.”

Then we asked contractors to tell us how they would handle these challenges and designed our platform to help them get exactly what they told us they needed. That’s why we say “Never Idle was designed by contractors, for contractors.”

As a team of industry veterans, we not only understand your equipment. We understand you’re trying to lower your operating costs and get a better return on your capital investments. Never Idle can help you do this by safely renting out your equipment through our hassle-free rental process. Here’s how it works:

  • Negotiating – Never Idle works with you and the renter to find the right equipment and rates.
  • Marketing – Never Idle advertises your equipment to thousands of potential renters.
  • Credit Checks – Never Idle ensures the renter has demonstrated the ability to pay.
  • Insurance – Never Idle automatically places our customized SafeGuard Assurance Plan® on every unit that goes out on rent, even though it is already required to be covered by the renter. This comprehensive coverage acts as an umbrella at no cost from the moment the unit leaves the owner’s yard until it returns.
  • Schedule – Never Idle determines availability.
  • Logistics – Never Idle finds a the best shipping options to get the equipment to the renter as well as return the equipment at the end of the rental.
  • Billing – Never Idle invoices and collects payment from the renter, then disburses the proceeds to you.
  • Service – Never Idle handles equipment maintenance through our service network to ensure equipment is maintained in good working order.
  • Inspections – Your equipment is inspected before and after the rental to document its condition. The renter is held accountable for any damages that might occur.

Rather than forfeiting income and raising your expenses, you can increase the return on your investment. Contractors with fleets of 100+ units could earn up to $500,000 per month in rental income. Contact us today to learn more.

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