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Never Idle continues to expand our connection with key contractor associations and commits to be an active member to help promote the associations purpose.


We would like to take a moment to thank the following companies and others that have been heavily involved in the successful launch of Never Idle from an idea to a new way contractors will conduct business.


The online heavy hauling marketplace and our first stop for moving equipment.

MMD Financial Services

One of our key providers of equipment financing and leasing.


Online market place for contractor rentals and auctions and as of March part of the Never Idle Team.

irontrax logo

When an independent appraisal or valuation is needed we partner with IronTrax.

Brainy Brandworks

Billie Spevak was instrumental of customer insight, branding and early stage strategy for connecting to customers.

Ellenbecker Communications

The team responsible for PR and copy writing and involved in all things related to marketing.

Graydient Creative

Our partners on the development of our new website.


Our Digital Marketing partner connecting Never Idle and our expanding network or contractors.

Frank Lynn & Associates Inc

They were involved heavily in customer research and the final naming of our company.

Triple Ten Consulting

Sarah Alt served for over a year as our CTO and truly helped to guide Never Idle to develop a comprehensive plan around technology.

Wisconsin Technology Council

An important in-state networking role through the Innovation Network, that is dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

A marketplace dedicated to facilitating growth by generating and accelerating revenue for companies from all corners of the trucking and transportation industries.

US Bank

Financial institution focused on developing programs to support our growth and processes.


Our partner that has helped to develop specific insurance programs to support our business.

Photography Providers

Thank you to these companies for allowing Never Idle to use image assets for this website.