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Financing Options
Get financing for construction equipment

Preserve Your Capital

Never Idle Financial Services enables your business to acquire the equipment you need – NOW – and finance it over a period of 2 to 5 years at monthly payments that match your company’s cash flow.

Financing process

What to Expect

Simply complete the Never Idle Express Application and send it in.  The application provides us all of the information necessary to approve most companies for purchases of up to $150,000.  (Larger approvals require the submission of corporate financial statements or tax returns).  You will be notified of credit approval within 24 hours, and we will contact you to determine which finance solution best suits your company.  Never Idle Financial Services will contact the equipment seller, issue a Purchase Order on your behalf, and e-mail or overnight the contract to you for signature.

Lease financing offers several advantages over bank financing and paying cash:

  • Improved cash flow: No large initial cash outlay is required, and leasing offers lower monthly payments than similar-term debt financing.
  • 100% fixed rate financing: Your monthly payment will not change during the term of the lease regardless of fluctuations in market interest rates. This is particularly attractive in today’s uncertain interest rate environment.
  • Simple Documentation: Leases are approved without the onerous documentation required for a bank loans. Lease documents are comparatively few and easy to understand.
  • Preserves bank lines and working capital: Leasing leaves your company’s bank lines of credit intact, allowing you full use of working capital to grow your business.
  • Tax Advantages: Lease payments may be deducted as an operating cost. Because the lease term is frequently shorter than the equipment’s depreciable life, you enjoy a more rapid write-off.
  • Flexibility: Virtually any type of equipment can be financed with a lease, and all costs of shipping, installation, training and warranties can be included.

Purchases of equipment from more than one vendor can be combined on the same lease and additional equipment can be added at any time during the lease term.

No Payments for 90 Days

If you need some time to benefit from your equipment purchase, try this payment schedule. With the 90 Day No Payments Plan, you simply make one payment in advance, then make no payments for the next 90 days.


Financing checklist
App only up to $150k ($150k+ programs available, 2 years of financials needed)
Commercial entity, not for personal use
Time-in-business more than 2 years (start-up programs available)
Personal credit score 625+
USA-based business (asset to remain in USA)